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Florida Auto Insurance from AGIC

We at AGIC know how difficult it can be to make the paycheck stretch to the end of each month. We know how frustrating it can be making big companies deliver on what was promised and paid for. We know how devastating it can be to be faced with an unexpected, huge deductible payment.

The Florida auto insurance program we have put together takes all these circumstances and more into account to provide you with the best value and a complete package of needed services. The various installment payment plans allow you to choose how much and when payments will be made. And if you have the misfortune of being in an accident, you can cut that unbudgeted deductible payment in half by using one of the modern, accredited full service health care and diagnostic facilities in our Preferred Provider Network. Similarly you will be able to realize savings in premiums by using one of our Approved Repair Centers. Most importantly, we will pay claims fairly and quickly.

Florida Car Insurance You can Depend On

The AGIC Promise.

The AGIC promise to you is that we will work hard at keeping our prices low and our level of service high. And we will always treat you with the respect you deserve.

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