Call An Expert Florida Auto Insurance Company Before Coverage and Deductibles Break the Bank

When it is time to get new Florida auto insurance coverage, an individual will most likely want better rates or level of protection. After months of paying high costs and hearing about a friend who has the same or better coverage for half the cost, most drivers will want to see their options.

Partnering with a good Florida car insurance company will ensure that a driver’s most important questions are answered. Most drivers have a love/hate relationship with their vehicles. They love the freedom and convenience factor it gives them, but the costs of insurance, gas, and repairs from dings and accidents are an aggravation.

Questions a driver should think about when they are working to get a Florida auto insurance quote are:

– What makes me unhappy with my current coverage?

– What coverage should be obtained: better protection, lower rates, quick claim turnaround time?

– What are the new features a car insurance company can offer me that were never available with my old company?

– What other factors do I need to consider – make of car, dependent children driving the vehicle, use of the vehicle?

It is key to make sure the company chosen is financially strong. Drivers will want an insurance company that can pay claims and have enough cash reserves to be there for them when the company is needed. Vehicle owners will want to make sure their deductible is reasonable should a loss occur. Working with an insurance company that will let a driver modify their deductible amounts in the future should a financial situation arise is good to have. With a high deductible, an individual could be putting their savings and emergency monies in jeopardy just to save a few bucks on the monthly premium.

Last but not least, the company’s reputation and level of customer service is critical. Drivers will want a company that is there for them in good times and bad. Quick, fair action and payment for claims is crucial.

AGIC Insurance in Florida has an A rating for financial stability and a solid history of dedication and follow through on their driver’s claims. They will relentlessly go after the best quotes for their clients and also offer innovative payment options and deductible choices with their network of preferred providers. To learn more, click on or call 1-877-854-0123.

Melissa DeAngelo is with Florida auto insurance company and Florida car insurance company, AGIC. To get a quote or learn more visit

Vehicle Customizations Deserve Adequate Extra Auto Insurance

USA Today recently reported that luxury purchases are now back to 2007 percentages and people are starting to buy cars and customizations that they were not during the worst part of the recession. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) just released a study showing that aftermarket accessories prompted 1.18 million new car sales annually.

Most drivers modified their tires, wheels, audio systems, and air and fuel delivery systems. After that, upgrades to upholstery, lighting and body, paint, exhaust systems, DVD systems, and roof racks were the most popular. And there is still healthy demand for engine, grille, and ground effect and spoiler purchases.

All these purchases lead to considerations that drivers must take into account when they are purchasing new auto insurance or updating an old policy. Imagine that a custom paint job, special tires and wheels, and a new sound system cost $6,000. The comprehensive or collision coverage part of the auto insurance policy will typically only cover $1,000. If the driver was in an accident or the vehicle was broken into, the driver would be responsible for the difference. That is, unless they purchased additional custom parts and equipment (CPE) coverage.

In Florida, CPE coverage gives drivers peace of mind that their equipment, accessories, devices, enhancements, and upgrades are protected should something bad occur. An experienced Florida auto insurance company is well versed in the adequate amount of insurance a driver will want to protect their investment.

It is recommended to take photos of the custom parts and equipment, and save all purchase receipts and manuals. The more a driver has for their records and the Florida car insurance agent, the better. Most Florida car insurance quotes will allow drivers to choose a flat amount of coverage for the vehicle customizations or to itemize each upgrade for slightly higher costs.

Drivers deserve to have a car insurance company that gives them the best value and the most complete suite of services, including options to cover their vehicle customizations. It is easy to customize auto policies just as it was fun to personalize a vehicle.

Melissa DeAngelo is with Florida auto insurance company and Florida car insurance company, AGIC. To get a quote or learn more visit

Melissa DeAngelo is with Florida auto insurance company and Florida car insurance company, AGIC. To get a quote or learn more visit