Seek Ample Florida Auto Insurance for a Business Vehicle

Tampa, Fla. – Auto accidents were the leading cause of work-related deaths, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. Small businesses must be mindful of driving their vehicle for work purposes. An individual who might use their vehicle more for work than pleasure will want to insure their vehicle differently.

“Business drivers will want to make sure they have the right amount of insurance to protect their assets should they get into a bad accident,” said Vincent Payne of “Another driver could come after the business’ assets and income when seeking claim monies.”

Florida car insurance quotes will analyze business use, vehicle weight, number of miles driven each year, and individual’s driving records. Tracking mileage will help make the policy accurate and also is a tax write-off. Safety features such as antilock brakes, air bags and antitheft devices will also make premiums more reasonable.

A good Florida auto insurance company will go over not only auto liability requirements, but will give the driver peace of mind for bodily injury coverage, property damage and any additional coverage the business should have.

“We help many small businesses, whether it is just one employee or 100 workers who have business vehicles,” Payne said. “Pickup trucks, SUVs, cars, and vans are great business cars, not just pleasure vehicles.”

A big facet of the Florida auto insurance coverage is the physical damage portion. Business owners will get sufficient coverage for collision, comprehensive, and specific perils. Collision coverage accounts for losses that occur during an accident. Comprehensive coverage is for broader losses. And specific perils cover fire, theft, and other big risks.

AGIC Insurance, Inc. is experienced in assisting business owners and drivers with all their Florida auto insurance needs. They are known for their customer service, great rates, and flexible payment options. And they partner with the Physicians Group to provide outstanding medical care to individuals involved in auto accidents.

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Florida Auto Insurance Oftentimes Covers a Rental Car

Most people land at their vacation destination and enter the rental car company with a relaxed mindset. As the rental car agent goes over all the specifics, individuals hit a roadblock when it comes to car rental insurance. Everything comes to a screeching halt as you figure out if you need it in addition to your normal car insurance and what amounts you would need, if any.

“It’s best that you make two phone calls before renting a car – one to your insurance agent and one to your credit card company if you will be using it to pay for the rental car,” says the Insurance Information Institute.

Most normal Florida auto insurance coverage takes care of the coverage and deductibles for the rental car as long as the car is not for business. But beware if you do not have comprehensive or collision coverage on your normal vehicle. You would also not have this coverage if something happened to the rental car and could be liable for the damages or theft.

Your Florida car insurance company can sometimes give an insurance rider to cover loss of use, towing charges, and administrative fees when using a rental car. The rider is typically less expensive through your car insurance company than the rental car company.

And interestingly enough, if you use certain credit cards for the rental car fees, drivers can be covered for damage or loss of the rental car. It definitely pays to call the credit card company beforehand as their policies might not cover bodily injury, death, or diminished car value. Policies through a credit card company do change over time, so call to get a clear understanding of the coverage.

“If you already have comprehensive and collision coverage on your own car, check with your personal auto insurer to make sure you are not duplicating coverage you already have,” says the Insurance Information Institute.

Rental car companies have various insurance options should that be the best route to protect you and your family. Here are the most common choices:

• Loss Damage Waiver: waives financial responsibility if the rental car is stolen or damaged; these become void if the crash was due to speeding, DUI, or driving on unpaved roads
• Liability Insurance: supplemental insurance will simply provide the state mandated amount of liability coverage
• Personal Accident Insurance: covers medical bills due to injuries from an auto accident
• Personal Belongings Coverage: insures items in the car should they be stolen

AGIC Insurance, Inc. will look at your Florida auto insurance quote to let you know what coverage is included when renting a car so you don’t waste your money. AGIC knows that insuring a rental car can be a confusing process that becomes an urgent question when you get to the rental car counter. They help Florida drivers make sure their coverage is giving them all the protection they need so there are no gaps in coverage when renting a car. To learn more, click on or call 1-877-854-0123.

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Pick the A Rated AGIC Company for Florida Auto Insurance

Tampa, Fla. – AGIC Insurance, Inc. has been given an A rating for an Exceptional Financial Stability award by Demotech, Inc. The A rating is a big indicator that the Florida auto insurance company can withstand the economic downturn and flux of the auto insurance industry.

Interest rates, inflation, overall economic activity, financial leverage, and liquidity make up a good part of the analysis Demotech does to give good ratings like this.

Florida car insurance shoppers want to know that we’ll be here when they need claims honored,” said Vincent Payne of “Our strength and integrity allows us to offer car drivers choices for their car insurance and great rates.”

AGIC Insurance is connected with agents that understand a driver’s local needs, desires to keep costs down, and that have the ability to be there for them should an accident happen. Their agents will help clients compare coverage and Florida car insurance quotes. Many policies can vary greatly, so their agents will go through the vital parts of the policy to give their client peace of mind.

“Our A rating also really shows in our commitment to service,” Payne said. “We handle your claims quickly and can provide options if your budget is tight and the bill is coming up quickly.”

Their unique cash payment option allows drivers to drop off payments at more convenient locations with longer hours. AGIC also has an installment payment plan that enables drivers to pick when and how much payment they can make. And if an accident occurs, drivers can slash the hefty deductible payment by using one of their facilities in their preferred provider network. AGIC also partners with the Physicians Group to provide top-notch medical care to individuals involved in auto accidents.

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Reputable Auto Insurance Companies Aggressively Find Lower Monthly Premiums

It can be difficult to make your paycheck stretch throughout the month, so when the car insurance payment hits, it can send your blood pressure rising. With a few simple tips, individuals and families can relieve their stress and find affordable Florida car insurance premiums.

Most insurance companies allow you to get multiple quotes from different insurance providers. This enables you to see the most attractive deductibles, limits and options for repairs and medical coverage. Reputable agents will help explain all the categories so you have peace of mind.

Some of the cost-cutting measures actually happen before you even start shopping around. Drivers with no accidents in the last three- to five-year span are eligible for lower rates. And, if your vehicle has some security features, such as an alarm, anti-lock brakes, airbags and seatbelts, a Florida auto insurance premium can go lower.

If you have the ability to do so, some insurance companies will give a discount for paying the car insurance policy in full every six
months to a year. Others charge less if the monthly premium is automatically withdrawn from your account.

It helps to share as much information about your vehicle and driving history as possible so that an experienced auto insurance agent can look for other discounts for you and your family. Ask about multiple car discounts, low mileage discounts and even age-related price breaks.

After you have found the perfect premium, there are some steps to keep the monthly amount low. Many people don’t think about this, but paying for small repairs on your own is better than filing an insurance claim. Examples such as getting your car dinged by backing up into a short pole, pulling into the garage a bit too fast, or the car door getting scratched are better paid out of pocket. When individuals file numerous claims in a short period of time, an insurance company may examine your policy and raise the rate or even refuse to renew coverage.

AGIC Insurance, Inc. provides affordable Florida auto insurance quotes to drivers throughout the state. They will aggressively go after the best quotes for their clients and has innovative payment options and deductible choices with their network of preferred providers. To learn more, click on or call 1-877-854-0123.

Vincent Payne is with Florida auto insurance company and Florida car insurance company, AGIC. To get a quote or learn more visit