Recently Divorced Individuals Need to Consider Updating Auto Insurance

Tampa, Fla. – Going through a divorce can be an extremely emotional and grueling financial process. What to do with the kids’ schedule, the home, and starting a new, single life can be overwhelming. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) recently published some tips for divorced spouses that need to re-focus on insurance issues.

Remove your ex-spouse from the policy once the divorce is final, said the NAIC. “Should the ex get into an accident, you could potentially be liable if you still share the policy. If a claim occurs, your ex-spouse may be listed on any check if they are still listed as an insured.”

Individuals should be sure to get the updated paperwork to prove that they are the sole owner of the automobile. Then they can call a Florida auto insurance agent to see what coverage is going to be the best value. If an individual has moved, the new address must be listed for accuracy of the insurance records.

“We are here to help single parents with all their Florida car insurance needs,” said Vincent Payne of AGIC Insurance, Inc. “We will update them on all the latest insurance regulations to give them peace of mind.”

AGIC has an innovate cash pay option with many locations throughout Tampa and Florida that are open longer than the standard nine to five insurance office. They are known for their partnership with the Physicians Group for medical attention after an accident, and even let drivers cut their deductible in half should they need this resource.

“AGIC is a one-stop shop as we also partner with leading auto repair centers,” Payne said. “Claims are paid quickly and the repair centers are top of the line so your vehicle is fixed efficiently.”

The company makes it easy to get a Florida auto insurance quote over the phone or online. AGIC representatives will take the time to explain liability, medical, uninsured motorist, and vehicle damage coverage to the client so there is a full understanding. To learn more, click on or call 1-877-854-0123.

AGIC Insurance Partners with Unique Medical Care Service for Low Deductibles

Tampa, Fla. – Healthcare concerns as a result of an auto accident are a serious issue. As the peak driving season starts with spring and summer travelling, individuals should make sure their Florida auto insurance covers bodily injury, medical care and access to good medical providers.

“We know how traumatic it can be to face a deductible and find quality medical care after the accident,” said Vincent Payne of AGIC Insurance, Inc. in Tampa. “We will pay your claim quickly and fairly.”

AGIC allows drivers to cut their deductible in half when they use their Preferred Provider Network for full-service healthcare and diagnostic testing. Their Preferred Provider Network lets drivers find a doctor’s office near their home or work. Physicians Group is the healthcare provider and is a one-stop resource for medical care, surgery and physical therapy. They also will file all the insurance claims so individuals can focus on getting better, not all the medical bills.

With 50 locations throughout Florida, the Physicians Group can also help with X-rays, MRIs, and other diagnostic tests. They specialize in spine, neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery for auto accident victims, too.

“Drivers will have a qualified healthcare professional prescribe care that will assist you to a speedy recovery,” Payne said. “Access to world-class care like this and slashing the deductible 50 percent is a big reason why people choose AGIC Insurance.”

Sometimes more gentle procedures are needed after an auto accident. Physicians Group takes a multi-disciplinary approach and also has massage therapists and chiropractors available for drivers’ specific problems. They are specialty accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Accreditation involves a comprehensive, rigorous evaluation of the quality of the health care organization.

AGIC helps drivers with all their Florida car insurance needs. They are known for their affordable policies, access to high-quality medical care, and customer service. They are readily available to give drivers a competitive Florida auto insurance quote with diverse payment options and locations. To learn more, click on or call 1-877-854-0123.

Auto Insurance Fraud Equals High Costs for Everyone

Florida is getting a lot of attention due to high levels of auto insurance fraud. Florida’s auto claims total 30 percent of all questionable national claims, giving it the distinction of being No. 1. Personal injury protection fraud is such a big problem that’s it is driving up all drivers’ Florida auto insurance premiums.

“Floridians need to know that our state, unfortunately, continues to have the highest number of questionable, or ‘staged’ accidents of any other state in the country,” said PCI assistant vice president and Florida regional manager William Stander. Four of the top 10 cities with the most fraudulent claims include Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and Hialeah.

PIP fraud squads are attempting to uncover staged accidents and bogus auto insurance claims. With triple-digit increases in questionable claims, the state’s Department of Financial Services and Division of Insurance Fraud want to introduce laws that will assess civil penalties for fraud, tighten medical clinic regulations and ensure their healthcare services are appropriate for the accident.
Florida car insurance companies are on the lookout for fraudulent claims and assess the following red flags:
• Increasing or adding coverage in the weeks before an accident or theft happens
• History of losses and claims
• Individual who is overly calm after a big accident
• High debt loads that would cause an individual to want to make a claim
• Medical records appear altered or only list highest-cost procedures
• Unusual delay in reporting the accident
• Taking off more days than is typical due to the accident

As insurance adjustors and regulators attempt to decrease fraud, they are turning to forensic accounting and other investigation tactics to determine the validity of a claim. “Policyholders shouldn’t be afraid to submit a legitimate claim,” said Tom Welsh, vice president of training for the National Insurance Crime Bureau. “Insurance companies don’t want to pay anything they don’t legitimately owe because that hurts their customers and their business. Fraud hurts everybody because everyone’s premiums go up when fraud happens.”

Attorney fees and auto accident-focused healthcare centers are under heightened scrutiny. Increased claim severity and costs are being viewed as a way for these two industries to profit off of low-grade injuries such as fender benders. But in the long run it just really hurts monthly auto insurance premiums, said the Property Casualty Insurers Association of American.

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An Auto Insurance Agent Can Advise on the Least Expensive Car to Insure

It can equal big cost savings to buy the right vehicle to keep your Florida auto insurance premiums low. The 2011 list of the least expensive vehicles to insure was recently released. These vehicles have the lowest loss and claim record history, best drivers, and reasonably priced parts.

Sport utility vehicles, vans, and minivans top the list of cheapest to insure. Insurance companies like these autos because they’re usually driven by parents with kids who are doing errands and short trips. “When shopping for a vehicle you have to look for safety as opposed to sexy,” advises Peter Moraga, a spokesperson for the Insurance Information Network. “A safer car is not only going to save your life, it’s also going to lower your insurance rates.”

The top vehicles ranged from $1,179 to $1,241 a year for insurance coverage for a 40-year-old driver with a clean driving record and a 12-mile commute to work. The top 10 autos include:

• Chevrolet Equinox four door, four wheel drive vehicles
• Honda Odyssey vans
• Chrysler Town & Country LX
• Honda Element LX
• Four-cylinder Mercury Mariner with 4-wheel-drive
• Four-cylinder Toyota Sienna
• Four-wheel-drive Mazda Tribute
• Ford Escape vans
• Chevrolet Traverse SUVs, both two wheel drive and four wheel drive models
• Jeep Wrangler Sport and Unlimited Sport models

Safety equipment can also help decrease Florida car insurance premiums. Electronic stability control, airbags, and backup detection devices are features that drive costs lower. But if you aren’t a fan of these vehicles and gravitate to the opposite side of the auto spectrum, beware of auto insurance costs that range two to three times more.

For drivers that can’t live without a new Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW, Porsche or Aston Martin, high car insurance premiums are a given. “Any vehicle that would cause a teenage boy to stop and gawk would likely cost a pretty penny to insure,” says Russ Rader, a spokesperson for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. “Many of the vehicles at the top of the list cost as much as a small house to buy, and that means they’re costly to fix.” Even with an immaculate driving history, these vehicles are such powerful, fast machines that a single part in need of repair can equal the total cost of one of the top 10 autos.

In Florida, AGIC Insurance, Inc. will help an individual review average annual premiums as they are car shopping. They are known for affordable auto insurance and working with a driver to set up a payment plan that meets their budget. To learn more about getting a Florida auto insurance quote, click on or call 1-877-854-0123. AGIC representatives will take the time to explain vehicle damage coverage as well as liability, medical, and uninsured motorist coverage so every client has a full understanding that they are getting quality insurance at a great value.

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Florida Auto Insurance Tips Before Summertime Travel Season Begins

Road trips equal summertime fun, but drivers should not let their guard down. Getting the right auto insurance can save your family money and time should the unexpected occur. Here are some tips to make your summer adventure a wise one.

Auto Must Haves

Make sure you have proof of insurance in your wallet and glove compartment. If you are travelling out of state, your Florida auto insurance will cover you. Verify that your ID card lists your insurance company and the agent’s phone number should you have a question.

Pack a first aid and roadside assistance kit in case an emergency happens. A flashlight, cell phone charger, blanket, and extra batteries will be your lifeline should something occur.

Plan Your Route

Try to avoid rush hours in other cities to prevent wear and tear as well as accidents. Having an atlas or GPS system will help you avoid getting lost or stressing over the best route. Many GPS systems also alert the driver to the speed limit. Remember that speeding tickets can affect your auto insurance premiums, so going the speed limit will save you money on your insurance and gas costs.

After a Crash

If you are in an accident, call the police and emergency services immediately. Collect all the names and contact info of the other driver, passengers, any witnesses, and the responding officers. Call your Florida car insurance agent after this and try to get as much evidence as possible at the scene. Take photos of your vehicle damage, any physical injuries, and any road hazards that could have contributed to the incident if possible.

Reputable auto insurance companies will swiftly help you get a rental vehicle and your car in the repair shop, unless it is totaled. Even if the driver who caused the accident is uninsured, your Florida auto insurance policy does cover for an uninsured motorist.

AGIC Insurance, Inc. of Florida has a unique deductible program where your deductible can be cut in half if you are in an accident when you use their healthcare and diagnostic preferred providers. Drivers will also get savings by using their partners at approved repair centers. Their Florida auto insurance quotes cover all the needed services drivers deserve at a great value. AGIC even has installment payment plans to help individuals and their families with their monthly budgets. To learn more, click on or call 1-877-854-0123.

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The Key to Reasonable Florida Auto Insurance Rates for Teens

Summertime is an exciting season where teenagers look to spend time with their friends and family and oftentimes get a job, too. New teen drivers and their parents must think about their Florida auto insurance before they begin their summer plans. Parents must think through all the critical steps before their teen drives off.

Step 1 – Car type
Is the car safe and does it fit the teen’s or family’s budget? Ask your insurance agent about what it will cost to add your short list of vehicles that you’re considering buying or giving to your teen. Sporty vehicles, high-dollar autos, and the most stolen cars will increase auto insurance premiums. Vehicles with the latest safety equipment will help lower a teen’s premiums.

Step 2 – Driver history
Has your teen passed the state course and driven alone without an accident or ticket? Many parents prefer to let their teen drive with another parent for a few months and then allow them to go solo with permission for specific activities, such as school or job related needs. Parent-teen driving agreements help new drivers know their parents’ expectations since driving is a privilege, not a right. Many online agreements exist so that parents can tailor it to their teen and family.

Step 3 – Deductibles
Raising a deductible will get you a lower premium, so have your Florida car insurance agent give you a few quotes showing you the difference. Parents might weigh changing their deductibles or just the figures for the new teen driver to safeguard their assets and savings. If an accident does occur, you might have to pay more to fix the problem, but the savings you’ve piled up over time could equal even more.

Step 4 – Keep Practicing and Communicating
The key to fewer accidents and tickets, and thus better insurance premiums, is being involved with your teen. Have them practice while driving to a remote relative’s house, on a highway to pick up a friend at the airport, and other real-life situations that will empower them to drive better in the future. Coaching them while in the passenger’s seat – in a calm and respectful way – during a rainstorm or nighttime conditions will help your teen learn quicker. Teens are new to judging space and time while driving, so be an active participant while they are learning.

Also, being communicative about the pressures of driving will help your teen know their parent cares. Parents should talk about peer pressure and the dangers of speeding, alcohol and drug use, and distracted driving. Texting while driving, checking email or the Internet, and not being mindful of the road can have very serious consequences. Offering advice and setting reasonable rules will go a long way to protecting your teen and his or her vehicle.

Florida auto insurance quotes have a minimum of $10,000 property damage and $10,000 personal injury protection. Teen auto insurance rates are higher all around because of the risks new drivers have.

AGIC Insurance, Inc. is known for assisting teens and their parents to get the best Florida car insurance quotes throughout the state. They go after the best premiums for their clients and have innovative deductible choices and payment plans with their network of preferred providers. To learn more, click on or call 1-877-854-0123.

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