Recently Divorced Individuals Need to Consider Updating Auto Insurance

Tampa, Fla. – Going through a divorce can be an extremely emotional and grueling financial process. What to do with the kids’ schedule, the home, and starting a new, single life can be overwhelming. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) recently published some tips for divorced spouses that need to re-focus on insurance issues.

Remove your ex-spouse from the policy once the divorce is final, said the NAIC. “Should the ex get into an accident, you could potentially be liable if you still share the policy. If a claim occurs, your ex-spouse may be listed on any check if they are still listed as an insured.”

Individuals should be sure to get the updated paperwork to prove that they are the sole owner of the automobile. Then they can call a Florida auto insurance agent to see what coverage is going to be the best value. If an individual has moved, the new address must be listed for accuracy of the insurance records.

“We are here to help single parents with all their Florida car insurance needs,” said Vincent Payne of AGIC Insurance, Inc. “We will update them on all the latest insurance regulations to give them peace of mind.”

AGIC has an innovate cash pay option with many locations throughout Tampa and Florida that are open longer than the standard nine to five insurance office. They are known for their partnership with the Physicians Group for medical attention after an accident, and even let drivers cut their deductible in half should they need this resource.

“AGIC is a one-stop shop as we also partner with leading auto repair centers,” Payne said. “Claims are paid quickly and the repair centers are top of the line so your vehicle is fixed efficiently.”

The company makes it easy to get a Florida auto insurance quote over the phone or online. AGIC representatives will take the time to explain liability, medical, uninsured motorist, and vehicle damage coverage to the client so there is a full understanding. To learn more, click on or call 1-877-854-0123.