An Auto Insurance Agent Can Advise on the Least Expensive Car to Insure

It can equal big cost savings to buy the right vehicle to keep your Florida auto insurance premiums low. The 2011 list of the least expensive vehicles to insure was recently released. These vehicles have the lowest loss and claim record history, best drivers, and reasonably priced parts.

Sport utility vehicles, vans, and minivans top the list of cheapest to insure. Insurance companies like these autos because they’re usually driven by parents with kids who are doing errands and short trips. “When shopping for a vehicle you have to look for safety as opposed to sexy,” advises Peter Moraga, a spokesperson for the Insurance Information Network. “A safer car is not only going to save your life, it’s also going to lower your insurance rates.”

The top vehicles ranged from $1,179 to $1,241 a year for insurance coverage for a 40-year-old driver with a clean driving record and a 12-mile commute to work. The top 10 autos include:

• Chevrolet Equinox four door, four wheel drive vehicles
• Honda Odyssey vans
• Chrysler Town & Country LX
• Honda Element LX
• Four-cylinder Mercury Mariner with 4-wheel-drive
• Four-cylinder Toyota Sienna
• Four-wheel-drive Mazda Tribute
• Ford Escape vans
• Chevrolet Traverse SUVs, both two wheel drive and four wheel drive models
• Jeep Wrangler Sport and Unlimited Sport models

Safety equipment can also help decrease Florida car insurance premiums. Electronic stability control, airbags, and backup detection devices are features that drive costs lower. But if you aren’t a fan of these vehicles and gravitate to the opposite side of the auto spectrum, beware of auto insurance costs that range two to three times more.

For drivers that can’t live without a new Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW, Porsche or Aston Martin, high car insurance premiums are a given. “Any vehicle that would cause a teenage boy to stop and gawk would likely cost a pretty penny to insure,” says Russ Rader, a spokesperson for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. “Many of the vehicles at the top of the list cost as much as a small house to buy, and that means they’re costly to fix.” Even with an immaculate driving history, these vehicles are such powerful, fast machines that a single part in need of repair can equal the total cost of one of the top 10 autos.

In Florida, AGIC Insurance, Inc. will help an individual review average annual premiums as they are car shopping. They are known for affordable auto insurance and working with a driver to set up a payment plan that meets their budget. To learn more about getting a Florida auto insurance quote, click on or call 1-877-854-0123. AGIC representatives will take the time to explain vehicle damage coverage as well as liability, medical, and uninsured motorist coverage so every client has a full understanding that they are getting quality insurance at a great value.

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Florida Auto Insurance Tips Before Summertime Travel Season Begins

Road trips equal summertime fun, but drivers should not let their guard down. Getting the right auto insurance can save your family money and time should the unexpected occur. Here are some tips to make your summer adventure a wise one.

Auto Must Haves

Make sure you have proof of insurance in your wallet and glove compartment. If you are travelling out of state, your Florida auto insurance will cover you. Verify that your ID card lists your insurance company and the agent’s phone number should you have a question.

Pack a first aid and roadside assistance kit in case an emergency happens. A flashlight, cell phone charger, blanket, and extra batteries will be your lifeline should something occur.

Plan Your Route

Try to avoid rush hours in other cities to prevent wear and tear as well as accidents. Having an atlas or GPS system will help you avoid getting lost or stressing over the best route. Many GPS systems also alert the driver to the speed limit. Remember that speeding tickets can affect your auto insurance premiums, so going the speed limit will save you money on your insurance and gas costs.

After a Crash

If you are in an accident, call the police and emergency services immediately. Collect all the names and contact info of the other driver, passengers, any witnesses, and the responding officers. Call your Florida car insurance agent after this and try to get as much evidence as possible at the scene. Take photos of your vehicle damage, any physical injuries, and any road hazards that could have contributed to the incident if possible.

Reputable auto insurance companies will swiftly help you get a rental vehicle and your car in the repair shop, unless it is totaled. Even if the driver who caused the accident is uninsured, your Florida auto insurance policy does cover for an uninsured motorist.

AGIC Insurance, Inc. of Florida has a unique deductible program where your deductible can be cut in half if you are in an accident when you use their healthcare and diagnostic preferred providers. Drivers will also get savings by using their partners at approved repair centers. Their Florida auto insurance quotes cover all the needed services drivers deserve at a great value. AGIC even has installment payment plans to help individuals and their families with their monthly budgets. To learn more, click on or call 1-877-854-0123.

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The Key to Reasonable Florida Auto Insurance Rates for Teens

Summertime is an exciting season where teenagers look to spend time with their friends and family and oftentimes get a job, too. New teen drivers and their parents must think about their Florida auto insurance before they begin their summer plans. Parents must think through all the critical steps before their teen drives off.

Step 1 – Car type
Is the car safe and does it fit the teen’s or family’s budget? Ask your insurance agent about what it will cost to add your short list of vehicles that you’re considering buying or giving to your teen. Sporty vehicles, high-dollar autos, and the most stolen cars will increase auto insurance premiums. Vehicles with the latest safety equipment will help lower a teen’s premiums.

Step 2 – Driver history
Has your teen passed the state course and driven alone without an accident or ticket? Many parents prefer to let their teen drive with another parent for a few months and then allow them to go solo with permission for specific activities, such as school or job related needs. Parent-teen driving agreements help new drivers know their parents’ expectations since driving is a privilege, not a right. Many online agreements exist so that parents can tailor it to their teen and family.

Step 3 – Deductibles
Raising a deductible will get you a lower premium, so have your Florida car insurance agent give you a few quotes showing you the difference. Parents might weigh changing their deductibles or just the figures for the new teen driver to safeguard their assets and savings. If an accident does occur, you might have to pay more to fix the problem, but the savings you’ve piled up over time could equal even more.

Step 4 – Keep Practicing and Communicating
The key to fewer accidents and tickets, and thus better insurance premiums, is being involved with your teen. Have them practice while driving to a remote relative’s house, on a highway to pick up a friend at the airport, and other real-life situations that will empower them to drive better in the future. Coaching them while in the passenger’s seat – in a calm and respectful way – during a rainstorm or nighttime conditions will help your teen learn quicker. Teens are new to judging space and time while driving, so be an active participant while they are learning.

Also, being communicative about the pressures of driving will help your teen know their parent cares. Parents should talk about peer pressure and the dangers of speeding, alcohol and drug use, and distracted driving. Texting while driving, checking email or the Internet, and not being mindful of the road can have very serious consequences. Offering advice and setting reasonable rules will go a long way to protecting your teen and his or her vehicle.

Florida auto insurance quotes have a minimum of $10,000 property damage and $10,000 personal injury protection. Teen auto insurance rates are higher all around because of the risks new drivers have.

AGIC Insurance, Inc. is known for assisting teens and their parents to get the best Florida car insurance quotes throughout the state. They go after the best premiums for their clients and have innovative deductible choices and payment plans with their network of preferred providers. To learn more, click on or call 1-877-854-0123.

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Seek Ample Florida Auto Insurance for a Business Vehicle

Tampa, Fla. – Auto accidents were the leading cause of work-related deaths, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. Small businesses must be mindful of driving their vehicle for work purposes. An individual who might use their vehicle more for work than pleasure will want to insure their vehicle differently.

“Business drivers will want to make sure they have the right amount of insurance to protect their assets should they get into a bad accident,” said Vincent Payne of “Another driver could come after the business’ assets and income when seeking claim monies.”

Florida car insurance quotes will analyze business use, vehicle weight, number of miles driven each year, and individual’s driving records. Tracking mileage will help make the policy accurate and also is a tax write-off. Safety features such as antilock brakes, air bags and antitheft devices will also make premiums more reasonable.

A good Florida auto insurance company will go over not only auto liability requirements, but will give the driver peace of mind for bodily injury coverage, property damage and any additional coverage the business should have.

“We help many small businesses, whether it is just one employee or 100 workers who have business vehicles,” Payne said. “Pickup trucks, SUVs, cars, and vans are great business cars, not just pleasure vehicles.”

A big facet of the Florida auto insurance coverage is the physical damage portion. Business owners will get sufficient coverage for collision, comprehensive, and specific perils. Collision coverage accounts for losses that occur during an accident. Comprehensive coverage is for broader losses. And specific perils cover fire, theft, and other big risks.

AGIC Insurance, Inc. is experienced in assisting business owners and drivers with all their Florida auto insurance needs. They are known for their customer service, great rates, and flexible payment options. And they partner with the Physicians Group to provide outstanding medical care to individuals involved in auto accidents.

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Florida Auto Insurance Oftentimes Covers a Rental Car

Most people land at their vacation destination and enter the rental car company with a relaxed mindset. As the rental car agent goes over all the specifics, individuals hit a roadblock when it comes to car rental insurance. Everything comes to a screeching halt as you figure out if you need it in addition to your normal car insurance and what amounts you would need, if any.

“It’s best that you make two phone calls before renting a car – one to your insurance agent and one to your credit card company if you will be using it to pay for the rental car,” says the Insurance Information Institute.

Most normal Florida auto insurance coverage takes care of the coverage and deductibles for the rental car as long as the car is not for business. But beware if you do not have comprehensive or collision coverage on your normal vehicle. You would also not have this coverage if something happened to the rental car and could be liable for the damages or theft.

Your Florida car insurance company can sometimes give an insurance rider to cover loss of use, towing charges, and administrative fees when using a rental car. The rider is typically less expensive through your car insurance company than the rental car company.

And interestingly enough, if you use certain credit cards for the rental car fees, drivers can be covered for damage or loss of the rental car. It definitely pays to call the credit card company beforehand as their policies might not cover bodily injury, death, or diminished car value. Policies through a credit card company do change over time, so call to get a clear understanding of the coverage.

“If you already have comprehensive and collision coverage on your own car, check with your personal auto insurer to make sure you are not duplicating coverage you already have,” says the Insurance Information Institute.

Rental car companies have various insurance options should that be the best route to protect you and your family. Here are the most common choices:

• Loss Damage Waiver: waives financial responsibility if the rental car is stolen or damaged; these become void if the crash was due to speeding, DUI, or driving on unpaved roads
• Liability Insurance: supplemental insurance will simply provide the state mandated amount of liability coverage
• Personal Accident Insurance: covers medical bills due to injuries from an auto accident
• Personal Belongings Coverage: insures items in the car should they be stolen

AGIC Insurance, Inc. will look at your Florida auto insurance quote to let you know what coverage is included when renting a car so you don’t waste your money. AGIC knows that insuring a rental car can be a confusing process that becomes an urgent question when you get to the rental car counter. They help Florida drivers make sure their coverage is giving them all the protection they need so there are no gaps in coverage when renting a car. To learn more, click on or call 1-877-854-0123.

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Pick the A Rated AGIC Company for Florida Auto Insurance

Tampa, Fla. – AGIC Insurance, Inc. has been given an A rating for an Exceptional Financial Stability award by Demotech, Inc. The A rating is a big indicator that the Florida auto insurance company can withstand the economic downturn and flux of the auto insurance industry.

Interest rates, inflation, overall economic activity, financial leverage, and liquidity make up a good part of the analysis Demotech does to give good ratings like this.

Florida car insurance shoppers want to know that we’ll be here when they need claims honored,” said Vincent Payne of “Our strength and integrity allows us to offer car drivers choices for their car insurance and great rates.”

AGIC Insurance is connected with agents that understand a driver’s local needs, desires to keep costs down, and that have the ability to be there for them should an accident happen. Their agents will help clients compare coverage and Florida car insurance quotes. Many policies can vary greatly, so their agents will go through the vital parts of the policy to give their client peace of mind.

“Our A rating also really shows in our commitment to service,” Payne said. “We handle your claims quickly and can provide options if your budget is tight and the bill is coming up quickly.”

Their unique cash payment option allows drivers to drop off payments at more convenient locations with longer hours. AGIC also has an installment payment plan that enables drivers to pick when and how much payment they can make. And if an accident occurs, drivers can slash the hefty deductible payment by using one of their facilities in their preferred provider network. AGIC also partners with the Physicians Group to provide top-notch medical care to individuals involved in auto accidents.

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Reputable Auto Insurance Companies Aggressively Find Lower Monthly Premiums

It can be difficult to make your paycheck stretch throughout the month, so when the car insurance payment hits, it can send your blood pressure rising. With a few simple tips, individuals and families can relieve their stress and find affordable Florida car insurance premiums.

Most insurance companies allow you to get multiple quotes from different insurance providers. This enables you to see the most attractive deductibles, limits and options for repairs and medical coverage. Reputable agents will help explain all the categories so you have peace of mind.

Some of the cost-cutting measures actually happen before you even start shopping around. Drivers with no accidents in the last three- to five-year span are eligible for lower rates. And, if your vehicle has some security features, such as an alarm, anti-lock brakes, airbags and seatbelts, a Florida auto insurance premium can go lower.

If you have the ability to do so, some insurance companies will give a discount for paying the car insurance policy in full every six
months to a year. Others charge less if the monthly premium is automatically withdrawn from your account.

It helps to share as much information about your vehicle and driving history as possible so that an experienced auto insurance agent can look for other discounts for you and your family. Ask about multiple car discounts, low mileage discounts and even age-related price breaks.

After you have found the perfect premium, there are some steps to keep the monthly amount low. Many people don’t think about this, but paying for small repairs on your own is better than filing an insurance claim. Examples such as getting your car dinged by backing up into a short pole, pulling into the garage a bit too fast, or the car door getting scratched are better paid out of pocket. When individuals file numerous claims in a short period of time, an insurance company may examine your policy and raise the rate or even refuse to renew coverage.

AGIC Insurance, Inc. provides affordable Florida auto insurance quotes to drivers throughout the state. They will aggressively go after the best quotes for their clients and has innovative payment options and deductible choices with their network of preferred providers. To learn more, click on or call 1-877-854-0123.

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Call An Expert Florida Auto Insurance Company Before Coverage and Deductibles Break the Bank

When it is time to get new Florida auto insurance coverage, an individual will most likely want better rates or level of protection. After months of paying high costs and hearing about a friend who has the same or better coverage for half the cost, most drivers will want to see their options.

Partnering with a good Florida car insurance company will ensure that a driver’s most important questions are answered. Most drivers have a love/hate relationship with their vehicles. They love the freedom and convenience factor it gives them, but the costs of insurance, gas, and repairs from dings and accidents are an aggravation.

Questions a driver should think about when they are working to get a Florida auto insurance quote are:

– What makes me unhappy with my current coverage?

– What coverage should be obtained: better protection, lower rates, quick claim turnaround time?

– What are the new features a car insurance company can offer me that were never available with my old company?

– What other factors do I need to consider – make of car, dependent children driving the vehicle, use of the vehicle?

It is key to make sure the company chosen is financially strong. Drivers will want an insurance company that can pay claims and have enough cash reserves to be there for them when the company is needed. Vehicle owners will want to make sure their deductible is reasonable should a loss occur. Working with an insurance company that will let a driver modify their deductible amounts in the future should a financial situation arise is good to have. With a high deductible, an individual could be putting their savings and emergency monies in jeopardy just to save a few bucks on the monthly premium.

Last but not least, the company’s reputation and level of customer service is critical. Drivers will want a company that is there for them in good times and bad. Quick, fair action and payment for claims is crucial.

AGIC Insurance in Florida has an A rating for financial stability and a solid history of dedication and follow through on their driver’s claims. They will relentlessly go after the best quotes for their clients and also offer innovative payment options and deductible choices with their network of preferred providers. To learn more, click on or call 1-877-854-0123.

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Vehicle Customizations Deserve Adequate Extra Auto Insurance

USA Today recently reported that luxury purchases are now back to 2007 percentages and people are starting to buy cars and customizations that they were not during the worst part of the recession. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) just released a study showing that aftermarket accessories prompted 1.18 million new car sales annually.

Most drivers modified their tires, wheels, audio systems, and air and fuel delivery systems. After that, upgrades to upholstery, lighting and body, paint, exhaust systems, DVD systems, and roof racks were the most popular. And there is still healthy demand for engine, grille, and ground effect and spoiler purchases.

All these purchases lead to considerations that drivers must take into account when they are purchasing new auto insurance or updating an old policy. Imagine that a custom paint job, special tires and wheels, and a new sound system cost $6,000. The comprehensive or collision coverage part of the auto insurance policy will typically only cover $1,000. If the driver was in an accident or the vehicle was broken into, the driver would be responsible for the difference. That is, unless they purchased additional custom parts and equipment (CPE) coverage.

In Florida, CPE coverage gives drivers peace of mind that their equipment, accessories, devices, enhancements, and upgrades are protected should something bad occur. An experienced Florida auto insurance company is well versed in the adequate amount of insurance a driver will want to protect their investment.

It is recommended to take photos of the custom parts and equipment, and save all purchase receipts and manuals. The more a driver has for their records and the Florida car insurance agent, the better. Most Florida car insurance quotes will allow drivers to choose a flat amount of coverage for the vehicle customizations or to itemize each upgrade for slightly higher costs.

Drivers deserve to have a car insurance company that gives them the best value and the most complete suite of services, including options to cover their vehicle customizations. It is easy to customize auto policies just as it was fun to personalize a vehicle.

Melissa DeAngelo is with Florida auto insurance company and Florida car insurance company, AGIC. To get a quote or learn more visit

Melissa DeAngelo is with Florida auto insurance company and Florida car insurance company, AGIC. To get a quote or learn more visit

AGIC Offers Many New Car Insurance Advantages

We at AGIC know how difficult it can be to make the paycheck stretch to the end of each month. We know how frustrating it can be to make big companies deliver on what was promised and paid for. We know how devastating it is to be faced with a huge, unexpected deductible payment.

The insurance program we have put together takes all of these circumstances and more into account, to provide you with the best value and a complete package of needed services. The various installment payment plans allow you to choose how much, and when payments will be made. Our innovative cash pay option allows for payments to be made at more convenient locations, and at more convenient times than your agent’s nine-to-five office hours. And if you have the misfortune of being in an accident, you can cut that unbudgeted deductible payment in half by using one of the modern, accredited full service health care and diagnostic facilities in our Preferred Provider Network. Similarly, you will be able to realize savings in premiums by using one of our Approved Repair Centers. Most importantly, we will pay claims fairly and quickly.

The AGIC Promise
The AGIC promise to you is that we will work hard at keeping our prices low and our level of service high. And we will always treat you with the respect you deserve.

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